giovedì 28 agosto 2014

New Year Program and Italian course in Salerno

Accademia Italiana offers a unique opportunity to find out how Christmas and New Year are celebrated in Salerno.
New Year is the most popular celebration in Italy. Accademia Italiana presents a special program over the New Year period. The New Year Program combines an Italian Course with the possibility of enjoying the celebration for the New Year in Salerno .
The Program also includes cultural excursions and seminars that allow students to discover and appreciate all the beauties of the South Italy.

·         Italian Language Course: 1 week (4 lessons a day) from Monday 29 December 2014 to Friday 2 January 2015; from Monday to Friday 9.00 -12.30 for adults (min 16 years on)  and for young learners ( 6-15 years)
·         1 full day excursion to Amalfi and Ravello
·         1 full day excursion to Pompeii
·         Orientation and welcome party with activities
·         1 Salerno guided visit and special tour under 'LUCI D'ARTISTA'
·         Cultural Seminar "Italian traditions during New Year time and preparation to night Celebration”
·         New Year's Celebrations: Musical Concert and Fireworks in the square
·         1 Seminar on Italian Gestures  

SPECIAL TOTAL PACKAGE PRICE: EUR 450 per person. This program is also available for 2 weeks.

Why choose this programme?

        Perfect Italian course over the New Year period.
        Leisure programme in the afternoons and at weekends.
        New Year's Celebrations: Musical Concert and fireworks in the square
        Opportunities to experience the traditional cooking and the local wine with visits and tastings.
    Opportunities to celebrate New Year with local people.