An incredible unpaid work experience at Accademia Italiana Salerno for a French mother tongue speaker, with an intermediate level of Italian with a good knowledge of digital tools (website and social media) for web translations and online texts.

If you are a French mother tongue speaker with an Intermediate level of Italian (written and oral) with a good practice in digital and media tools, work with us in 2015 (except July-August 2015)  in our beautiful city Salerno in the South of Italy.

We will offer you a FREE 3 week Italian Course (20 lessons a week), in order to adapt your skills to create a new French version of our official web site and to compose French texts for social media, while studying Italian and living in Italy.

If you are interested, please send your application by April 30, 2015 to Oriana: 

N.B: Travel and accommodation fee are extra cost. 

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