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An amazing experience at the Accademia Italiana Salerno

Prof' Maria Battipaglia, teacher at Harrison High School New York talks about her training experience at Accademia Italiana Salerno as teacher of Italian as Foreign Language in USA 

My week long stay at the Accademia Italiana Salerno has been a valuable learning  experience. One to cherish and share with my students at Harrison HS in NY.
I was welcomed by the Director and founder Professoressa Francesca Romana Memoli and her staff, the kind of hospitality you can only have in Campania! The Accademia Italiana Salerno is one of the best school to learn Italian, unlike Florence, Rome and other major cities in Italy, Salerno forces students to speak Italian as it is not invaded by massive English speaking tourism..

The faculty is amazing, highly prepared, kind and friendly. What amazed me  was the ability of the faculty and staff  to establish a relationship with  the students, not one student is left in the dark! Every single student  takes central stage!
 The students from around the world respond very well to the caring teaching  philosophy of the Accademia Italiana Salerno.

Thee interaction with the students is something I have never seen before, for example:
Renato, a professor at the Accademia Italiana Salerno led the group on a guided tour of the  Giardini della Minerva. He acknowledged every participant, askŕing where they were from, about their interests,  their accommodations, etc. This kind of interaction allows students to feel comfortable to ask questions creating a deep lasting learning experience.

The classes are rigorous a fun thus creating a productive learning environment, where the subjunctive becomes alive through songs, literature and current events.
Students form friendships from day one and travel together to Amalfi, Positano, Paestum, Napoli, Caserta, Roma in the afternoon  and weekends or simply spend time at the beach in Salerno. I have had the pleasure to speak to many students and all love the experience. I shared an apartment with a medical student from Colombia, she has spent two weeks at the school, came with no knowledge of Italian, now she can hold a conversation!

I wish to express my gratitude to the faculty and staff  at the Accademia Italiana Salerno with the hope to return soon with my students.

Watch her video interview on our Youtube Channel :

Prof. Maria Battipaglia Harrison High School NY. 

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