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For the sixth time Accademia Italiana Salerno is one of the top five Italian schools in the world

For the sixth year, Accademia Italiana Salerno has been recognized as one of the top five Italian language institutions in the world by Star Travel Magazine. Each year, Star Travel Magazine hosts its annual “STM Awards,” which awards the best language schools, agencies, tour operators, and educational organizations in the world. STM Awards is held every year in the beautiful city of London at the Hilton on Park Lane.
Great enthusiasm was expressed by Accademia Italiana Salerno’s director and founder, Francesca Romana Memoli, who was in London representing the school.

Participating in the STM Awards 2017 and being among the top 5 Italian schools is an extraordinary experience and great victory for us. This year we celebrated our 20th anniversary. It seems only yesterday that I started this visionary adventure and being here tonight shows that will, perseverance, and hard work…dreams can come true.” said the director.

This new nomination of being among the top five institutions comes at a historic moment in which the competition in the educational field is becoming increasingly difficult as Italian is more of an intellectual and cultural language. Although, the Italian language is now competing with trendy languages like Spanish, German, and French, it still remains competitive as the language manages to provide the cultural aspect of Italy including food and wine, fashion, and photography.
 This year again a school in Rome won the Top Italian Language School award, confirming that Rome is still the capital of cultural tourism in Italy. 
We have to remain a premier destination for learning the Italian language. In doing so, the interest in traveling to Salerno will continue to increase” said Memoli.
 Each year, Accademia Italiana Salerno allows students to not only learn the Italian language but experience the Italian culture as well. Salerno, thanks to Accademia Italiana and its training is able to offer a high quality commodity that fully responds to the needs of customers who are increasingly aware and more informed.

With its close proximity to the famous Amalfi and Cilento Coasts, Salerno is attracting more and more travelers each year. Unlike the touristic cities of Amalfi, Positano and Capri, Salerno allows travelers to live the authentic Italian life. With its low cost of living, abundance of restaurants, cafés and bars, Salerno is a prime destination for people interested in learning more about the Italian culture. Although busy in the summer, Salerno bursts with energy and life throughout the whole year. No matter when one visits, one can enjoy an array of festivals and celebrations in Salerno and the surrounding area. 

Next year, the school will be offering three new courses: Italian Photography, Italian Fashion in collaboration with the Accademia della Moda in Naples, and Italian Cooking for professionals in collaboration with Gambero Rosso. These courses will join the other Italian culture specific courses the school already offers in the areas of Italian literature, Italian ceramics and decoration, Italian opera and music, and the history of art, cinema and theatre.
 “It is my belief that people learn Italian because they want to learn more about the culture of Italy. They want to learn about the arts, the history, the cuisine, and the made in Italy aspect of our culture,” said Memoli. “In addition to our other cultural inclusive courses, these new courses allow people to gain a more profound understanding of what makes Italy…ITALY!”
 As Accademia Italiana celebrates its twentieth anniversary, it will continue to promote the learning of the Italian language and the city of Salerno by increasing the number of courses and special programs offered to students. 

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